Carnegie Mellon Fellow at Academic City shares experiences and collaborative initiatives

Prof. Dekuwmini (Dee) Mornah, a renowned educator and researcher at Northern Kentucky University and a Carnegie Mellon Fellow at Academic City University College, has embarked on an academic and cultural enrichment journey that is transforming the landscape of higher education. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, experiential learning, and cross-cultural collaboration, Dee has not only disseminated their abundance of knowledge but also forged innovative, cross-border partnerships.

As soon as Dee set foot on the Academic City campus, a sense of friendship and intellectual energy shrouded him and was welcomed with open arms by the ACity community

“My experience in Academic City has been remarkable thus far. I am extremely grateful for the outstanding academic and cultural environment, which has filled me with great enthusiasm, as stated by Dee.

Academic City is renowned for its excellence in education, innovation, and entrepreneurship; thus, Dee began this fellowship with a strong desire to contribute and learn. “The vision of delivering a transformative learning experience and equipping students with the skills to tackle real-world challenges resonated with me both professionally and personally,” he said. Through in-depth interactions with students, faculty, and staff, it became evident that this institution-wide vision produces outstanding results.

The African Business Collaborative, a cross-cultural programme that facilitates partnerships between U.S. and Academic City pupils, is one of Dee’s crowning achievements. This programme engages students in real-world initiatives for corporations under guided consulting conditions, providing opportunities for global experiential learning and generating insights into cross-border business engagements.

Dee added, “The African Business Collaborative is evidence of the effectiveness of collaboration and experiential learning. It encourages innovation and entrepreneurship by bringing together students from diverse backgrounds to solve real-world problems.”

The fellowship has also contributed to his personal and professional development.

According to him, undertaking this fellowship has had a transformative effect on both his personal and professional development. It has broadened his horizons, refined his ability to collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds, and increased his cultural awareness.

This experience has had a substantial impact on his understanding of the educational landscape in Ghana and has opened the door to collaborations with local organisations and researchers. He has taken advantage of the opportunity to engage with the local community by forming partnerships with organisations such as the Ghana National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Association of Ghana Industries, Kadodo Africa, and the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre.

Dee is a firm believer in the transformative power of technology and innovation in the ever-changing higher education landscape. “Embracing technology and innovation can unleash opportunities to improve educational accessibility, enrich learning experiences, advance research, and equip students to address local and global issues. This belief motivated his initiatives, such as the creation of entrepreneurship seminars and the investigation of postgraduate educational opportunities.

Dee offered advice to aspiring researchers and fellows contemplating similar opportunities as he reflected on his fellowship experience. “Approach the experience with an eagerness to learn and an open mind. You will be astounded by the innovative approaches to problem-solving that institutions like Academic City employ. During your tenure there, you will gain as much knowledge and insight as you contribute.