Academic City, United Way Ghana partner to advance renewable energy education

Academic City, United Way Ghana partner to advance renewable energy education

As part of efforts to foster a culture of sustainability among schoolchildren in Ghana, Academic City University College has partnered with United Way Ghana to launch “Green4Clean” project that aims to impart sustainable energy solutions, enhance energy conservation awareness, and develop practical skills that contribute to a greener future and sustainable Ghanaian communities.

The partnership is set to implement a comprehensive educational initiative running from June 2024 to December 2025, commencing with a pilot programme at La Enobal Basic School and La Presbyterian Basic School. The design of this project aligns with several Sustainable Development Goals, such as quality education, gender equality, affordable and clean energy, and climate action.

The Project will be implemented under the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center of Academic City with engineering students providing mentoring for pupils of the basic schools to develop their own interventions and make them benefit their immediate community, themselves and their school. The interventions will also allow for the pupils to try out a lot of science projects including learning about robotics. The project is taking place under the Coalition For Climate Entrepreneurs Lab which is a U.S. Department collaboration partnership at the Maker Space at the Center.

Ghana is actively striving to increase its adoption of renewable energy sources to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and promote sustainability. The current landscape underscores the urgent need to educate younger generations about renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency.

The implementation of the “Green4Clean” project is expected to support the government’s initiative on renewable energy by:

  • Increasing awareness and education about renewable energy by providing students with a comprehensive understanding of various renewable energy sources, including solar and wind energy, along with their scientific principles and practical applications.
  • Promoting awareness about environmental challenges and the importance of sustainable energy practices within schools and the broader community, while offering hands-on experience through workshops, projects, and field trips to engage students in renewable energy technologies.
  • Encouraging collaboration among students, teachers, and industry professionals to exchange ideas and expertise. Advocating for the integration of renewable energy topics into the educational curriculum in Ghana is a key aspect of the project, aiming to equip young learners with essential knowledge and skills for the future.
  • Introducing students to potential career paths in the renewable energy sector by inviting industry guest speakers and organising visits to renewable energy facilities.
Team ACity and United Way

Speaking at the Memorandum of Understanding signing, Ing. Dr. Lucy Agyepong remarked, “Academic City is excited about the partnership with United Way Ghana to launch the ‘Green4Clean’ project. For us, we see this initiative as not just an educational programme but a significant step towards fostering a culture of sustainability among young children. With this project, we are equipping the young ones with the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to a sustainable future for Ghana.”

She expressed Academic City’s commitment to ensuring the success of the initiative, emphasising that it aligns with the university’s commitment to community development and innovative education.