Academic City’s energy efficiency project honoured at Engineering Excellence Awards

Team NELDI (L-R: Delasi Richards, Latif Dabone, Emmanuella Uwudia, Nii Sodja and Joseph Apiriala-Atedoghu)

An Academic City University College student project has received recognition at this year’s Engineering Excellence Awards. The project, dubbed as the ‘NELDI’ was honoured in the category of Innovation: Applied Science and Mathematics, highlighting the project’s outstanding uniqueness and practicality in its goal to change energy usage and appliance control.

The ‘NELDI’ project presents an innovative solution to efficiently conserve electrical energy and simplify the management of electrical appliances. This system allows users to easily control a wide range of devices, including lights, fans, and sockets, right from their smartphones, no matter where they are. This advancement not only improves convenience but also plays a crucial role in promoting energy efficiency, which is a major concern in both residential and commercial settings.

The students behind this innovative project include Joseph Apiriala-Atedoghu, Level 300 Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Delasi Richards, Level 200 Computer Engineering, Emmanuella Uwudia, Level 200 Computer Science, Latif Dabone, Level 200 Computer Science and Nii Sodja, Level 200 Information Technology.

The Engineering Excellence Awards is an initiative of the Ghana Institution of Engineering to honour exceptional achievements in engineering excellence and innovation. It honours individuals, organisations, and students who have demonstrated potential for research and development in engineering. The acknowledgement of the ‘NELDI’ project emphasises its importance and ability to bring about positive change in the engineering field.

This project showcases the talents and ingenuity of Academic City. Its potential to transform energy management and appliance control shows the university’s commitment to developing future-ready engineering leaders and innovators.

Receiving the award, Cyril Quansah-Quainoo, Public Relations Manager of Academic City, expressed excitement regarding the recognition bestowed upon the university’s students

“At Academic City, it is our joy to see our students thrive and get acknowledged for their efforts. The recognition from GHiE is evidence of the commitment and creativity of our students, who continuously strive for engineering excellence. This honour showcases our commitment as a university to nurturing innovation and creating practical solutions to tackle real-life problems,” he said.