Academic City Students Council (ACSC) Organizes Maiden Edition of Ideon

Talk about getting inspired whenever ACitizens mount a stage.

In his inauguration speech as President of the Academic City Student’s Council (ACSC), Owuraku Q. Quayson hinted at institutionalizing policies intended to develop and build the capacity of ACitizens. He held the staunch belief that sharing stories of creative, innovative, young students may inspire positive action and inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

Taking inspiration from the renowned online public speaking platform, TED Talk Conference, the ACSC organized IDEON, a student-led initiative that offers the platform for sharing ideas, perspectives, and innovations through short talks. Taking center stage, the student speakers brought their authentic self, struggles, and achievements to the eager and attentive ears of all those who had convened for the maiden edition.

In his opening speech, the ACSC President said, “This question has been going around a lot. ‘What is IDEON?’ IDEON is basically an event that helps us to celebrate these things that make us want more, that makes us work harder and go beyond our limits.”

The IDEON stage served as a platform for our ACitizens to relive their journeys and own their narratives. Sharing stories about painful rejections, loss of loved ones that became spurs to creative inventions, the dominant ambiance was one of awe.

Sharing his rejection story titled “I chose Goldman Sachs”, Nana Boadi Twumsi-Ampong revealed how he painstakingly invested in applying to top companies he had hoped to intern with. The outcome? all rejection letters. Being the true ACitizen that he is, these short-term failures only urged him to strive harder. “I got a call from Goldman Sachs and they said, we are offering you an opportunity in the New York office. Now this somebody who hadn’t heard any African getting into the New York office, that is the headquarters through direct recruitment from Africa” detailing his historic achievement of making it into the New York office.

Speaking on the challenges of the budding creative arts industry in Ghana, Miss Yaa Boateng, remarked: “We have this kind of mindset that creatives are not serious people, the misconception is that creatives are only passionate about entertainment hence making it difficult to even inform your parents about your intentions of being creative.”

She encouraged ACitizens to be creative in defining who they are.

Ideon hosted 14 ideas, 19 speakers but one ultimate goal: To illuminate ideas and to inspire.