MSc Data Science and Analytics Launch

Academic City launches MSc in Data Science and Analytics

On the beautiful morning of Wednesday, April 17, the campus of Academic City was buzzing with excitement as distinguished guests from all walks of life were welcomed to witness the launch of the Master of Science in Data Science and Analytics programme.

Speaking at the event, the President of Academic City, Prof. Fred McBagonluri, addressed the audience with confidence and enthusiasm, emphasising the importance of the programme in driving Ghana and Africa towards a future of data-driven progress.

“Innovation and progress are not just dreams; they are our shared future. Today, we set forth on a momentous journey that will have a profound impact on the destiny of our nation and continent”, Prof. McBagonluri noted.

Prof. Fred launches MSc Data Science and Analytics

Prof. McBagonluri highlighted the crucial importance of data science and analytics in meeting the changing demands of society in his passionate speech. He expressed the same views as the Ghanaian government, highlighting the significance of data collection and management, especially through initiatives such as the National Identification Authority.

Prof. Francis Nunoo, Director of Tertiary Education at the Ministry of Education who spoke on behalf of Hon. Yaw Adutwum, Minister for Education, commended Academic City for its forward-thinking approach to education.

According to him, investing in programmes like the MSc in Data Science and Analytics is a significant contribution to the future of our nation, emphasising that these programmes not only equip students for present positions but also enable them to influence the jobs of the future.

“Organisations across all sectors are increasingly relying on data-driven insights to inform their decision-making processes and drive innovation. The programme’s contribution to national development is enormous. By providing our students with data-driven skills, we empower them to become agents of change,” he further noted.

Mr. David Gowu, Co-founder of the Institute of ICT Professionals Ghana acknowledged that data has become as valuable as gold, with the power to fuel innovation and bring about transformation.

“The MSc programme will provide professionals with the necessary skills to fully harness the power of data, leading to digital transformation in various industries,” he commented.

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