Brave Masterclass Session With Academic City Students

The Student Engagement and Career Service of Academic City University College organizes a series of workshops and sessions to connect students to the industry. For last week’s Career Service, we hosted Brave Connect for a masterclass. The Brave Masterclass session themed “Changing The Narrative: Careers In Communication, Arts and Creatives: With a Leadership Focus” was an in-depth info session on the Creative Arts, Communication, Marketing and Branding where Industry leaders from the sector interacted with our students and shared insightful lessons from their vast experience.

Majid Michel, one of the speakers, an actor and motivational speaker spoke on the need for students to skillfully invest in developing sought-after leadership skills and the right attitude in managing and inspiring people. “An erroneous concept often associated with leadership is the need to have a large following or devout followers.”

Tony Tomety an Art Director and Production Designer shared lessons from his experience working on global creative projects and international brands. He threw some light on the emerging trends in the creative industry and the need to constantly upskill in order to catch up with the times.

BRAVE Connect founded by Tracy Owusu Addo, (Tracy Sarkcess), is a platform for which seeks to champion the female empowerment narrative by equipping young women with the requisite skills needed to live successful and fulfilling career lives.

As an industry-focused institution, Academic City is poised to churn out well-rounded students whose academic experiences have been augmented by workshops and sessions facilitated by top industry leaders and experts. We aim to connect our educators and students with a network of industry professionals thus bringing real-world relevance and career exposure to them.