Academic City Holds 4th Matriculation Ceremony

Academic University Colleges’ 4th Matriculation ceremony

Ghana’s premium Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics (STEAM) and Entrepreneurial university has organised its 4th Matriculation ceremony.

A total of 192 students comprising nationals from 12 different countries have enrolled for the 2021/2022 academic year to pursue Academic City’s uniquely designed STEAM based academic disciplines.

President and Provost of Academic City, Prof. Fred McBagonluri congratulated the newly admitted students on meeting the requirements to become a member of the Academic City community and encouraged them to participate fully in all campus activities so that they can develop the skills and credentials necessary to be successful after graduation.

He advised the students to develop an endurance mindset and to remain dedicated and motivated in order to achieve the academic and professional goals that they had set for themselves.

President and Provost of Academic City, Prof. Fred McBagonluri
Prof. Fred McBagonluri, President – Academic City University College

“Endurance for me is that little voice that tells you that success is closer than ever and that you must strive to cross that finished line. Great things come from endurance and to endure for success, you must be true to yourself. Your endurance ship today is Academic City”, he added.

Ms. Tiffany Akole Sowah, an Information Technology student, spoke on the matriculants’ behalf, expressing their happiness at being accepted into Academic City and assuring that they will adhere to the university’s laws and regulations.

Tifanny Sowah, Representative of Matriculants for Academic City
Tifanny Sowah, Representative of Matriculants

“I hope we stick to the ACity pillars of Experiential Learning, Contextual Learning, Unified Learning, and Extensional Learning as a path to success. Remember, in case of uncertainty, always refer to our student handbook,” she added.

Prof. Anthony Simons, Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University of Mines and Technology, offered his institution’s continued support to Academic City in order to provide students with the greatest academic experience possible in order to better prepare them for the job market. He counseled the students to work hard in order to succeed in their academic endeavours.

The ceremony was a truly surreal milestone for all matriculants and their families.