Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Alban Bagbin inspires ACitizens

Academic City University College had the special honour of having Ghana’s Speaker of Parliament, the Right Honourable Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin, during its recent Leadership Seminar Series. The event was nothing short of historic, as the Speaker shared his wisdom and insights on the critical issue of “Building the Next Generation of National Leaders.” His speech functioned as a lighthouse, illuminating the road for the young leaders in attendance.

Rt. Hon. Alban Bagbin is a major player in Ghanaian politics with decades of experience. His journey from humble beginnings to becoming Speaker of Parliament has been inspiring, showcasing the power of dedication, devotion, and the idea that anyone with the right mindset and hard effort can advance to positions of leadership.

Speaker’s Address

The ambiance of the occasion was filled with keen anticipation as both students and faculty members anticipated Speaker Bagbin’s remarks. Comprising a vision for the future of Ghana, his address was a seamless fusion of insight, inspiration, and sagacity.

Speaker Bagbin emphasised the significance of fostering a solid groundwork in personal leadership. He emphasised that leadership is demonstrated through one’s daily conduct, choices, and character, and not by holding a prominent position. As they embark on their future leadership roles in the world, he exhorted students to exemplify the virtues of integrity, humility, and service, drawing from his vast political experience.

Instruction and Continuous Learning

The Speaker placed great emphasis on the fundamental role that education plays in shaping the future of any nation. He advocated for students to assiduously seek knowledge, emphasising the capacity of education to enable people to assume accountable leadership positions. He described how his academic trajectory had influenced his outlook and professional trajectory.

The Speaker, however, spared no mention of formal education. He emphasised the significance of continuous learning, which guarantees that leaders maintain their flexibility, receptiveness to new ideas, and capability to confront the obstacles of an ever-evolving global landscape. According to him, “Leadership is a never-ending journey, and learning is its faithful companion.”

Service to the Public and Civic Responsibility

The voyage of the Honourable Alban Bagbin in public service demonstrated his steadfast dedication to the improvement of Ghana. The speaker underscored the importance of civic duty, placing particular emphasis on the notion that effective leadership necessitates an authentic commitment to the welfare of the populace and an indomitable rapport with them.

The Speaker motivated the students to adopt an active stance in the democratic process, which could be achieved through various means such as voting, participating in community initiatives, or contemplating public service careers. He firmly believed that the youth possessed an indispensable capacity to influence the trajectory of Ghana’s future and that accountability and guidance were inextricably linked.


Rt. Hon. Alban Bagbin plants a tree on ACity campus

Beyond being a mere event, the Leadership Seminar featuring Speaker Alban Bagbin proved to be an enlightening educational encounter. His address profoundly affected the thoughts and emotions of every individual in attendance. The youthful leaders of Academic City University College were prompted to take action, being reminded that the trajectory of Ghana’s future is in their competent hands.

The enduring impact of Speaker Bagbin’s words serves as a source of inspiration for the students, kindling a sense of determination and accountability. His attendance served as evidence of the university’s dedication to fostering forthcoming leaders who will exemplify the virtues of honesty, altruism, and continuous education.

In furthering its objective of educating and empowering future leaders, Academic City University College finds solace in the Speaker of Parliament’s counsel, which not only illuminates but also influences the trajectory of the university and the entire nation of Ghana.