ACitizens Celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Day

Academic City Celebrates Their Technological Achievements

A low-cost vaccine cooler, a trash can woven out of plastic strips, a radar system to detect radio waves and signals were a few of the ingenious projects on display at our TEC for World Creativity and Innovation Day.

With projects at various phases of ideation and modeling, our students came together at our Technology and Entrepreneurship Centre (TEC) to highlight and showcase their creative inventions in time for the United Nations’ World Creativity and Innovation Day.

Held on Wednesday, the 21st of April 2021, the event had ACitizens showcasing several ideas and projects aimed at solving critical challenges and problems in their communities and globally.

For the creativity and innovation showcase, projects worked on by ACitizens included:

Vaccine Cooler: Nathaniel Asiak and his team have designed a vaccine cooler and refrigerator to store vaccines being transported to remote locations. Coming in two compartments, the cooler not only refrigerates vaccines but also comes with an automatic regulator. Flexi_Cool, their product, is solar-powered and battery-focused and was necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Nathaniel and his teammates saw the need to invest in a budget-friendly cooler to make vaccines easily accessible and available to communities in remote areas with erratic power supply.

Recycled Plastic Bottle Shed: Perturbed about the plastic waste pollution in Ghana, the STEMEP in collaboration with McKingTorch Africa is confronting one of the globe’s biggest challenges by constructing a plastic shed from used empty bottles collected from campus. Speaking on the motivation for the project, Nana Boadi Twumasi-Ampong cited the gradual and harmful effects of single-use plastics on the environment. He said, “Since no feasible strategy exists yet to totally curb the use of plastics, we can at least re-use them for arts, crafts and structures.”

Robotics Club: This club project focused on designing and developing a radar system for remote sensing applications. Aimed at remote object and location detection, the club’s goal is to use this system in providing accurate weather information, detecting incoming aircraft and missiles.

Also on showcase were projects by other students which ranged from digital and pencil artworks to A.I Image Segmentation.

Creativity and Innovation at Academic City

Academic City‘s uniquely carved curriculum is heavily focused on building the capacity of students to ensure they are well-rounded enough to create opportunities both for themselves and others. Innovation and Creativity are one of our core values and providing students with the technical know-how and an educational ecosystem to help them strive is paramount to us.